Wednesday, June 6, 2007

About Biotechnical Currency

Welcome to Biotechnical Currency. I am your host, Andrew Waight. Currently persuing a phD in Structural Biology at NYU Sackler Institute, my acedemic specialty is integral membrane protein structure and function. Previously I spent two years working at a small molecule drug discovery biotech startup in South San Francisco, and another couple prior to that at the Berkeley Structural Genomics project. I got my start in science as an undergraduate doing yeast genetics at the Salk institute and graduated UCSD.
Since working in the biotech birthplace of San Francisco, and being involved with a startup during its IPO, I have been interested in the nuts and bolts of evolving a life sciences concept into a company and taking it public. After starting my graduate work in New York I have since intensified this patricular extra curriculum and expanded into an appetite for general economics and consequently, finance. The general influence of New York I assume.
This website represents the technology and financial research that I perform for my own investment purposes. Furthermore the market news and views are the results of my obsession with current events. As a disclaimer I should emphasize that at under no circumstances should I be confused for a professional financial advisor or venture analyst. That being said I will gladly field any inquiries to the best of my abillities and especially welcome questions regarding biophysics of aliphatic macromolecules or detergents.

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